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Are you in love with the various technologies that power today’s smartphones? Do some technical challenges keep you awake at nights? Do you love to spread awareness and knowledge about the technology you love? Can you provide a new perspective on technologies and platforms, which can help Businesses, take decisions?

We, at All About Apps, are always on the lookout for new contributors. If you’ve got any topic, that will make people sit and think, please write it down in your words and send it to us(1000+ words or 1500+ articles). Our editors will be in touch with you as soon as they check all eligibility criteria. The editorial approval should not take more than a week.

Let’s also be honest with each other, if your article is copied from any sources or already published somewhere and you want to re-post it, we won’t be able to publish it.

Eligibility Criteria:

We will accept contributions which are original, fact-based, well-researched and engaging for our audience. We love articles, which are based on a clear argument e.g. (It’s All About Apps Now: Mobile Web Is Dead), which may not be absolutely right, but which makes our readers think. We love the stuff, which is backed by data, so if you are putting any data, it would be great to put a link to the source site. We won’t accept plagiarized contents, re-posts, and articles with basic language mistakes and grammatical mistakes. We also won’t accept any promotional content, PR, and articles with spammy links. But we will give the author the due importance and from the author bio, appropriate links can be given.

We suggest you read some of our articles first so that you get acquainted with the style, the tone in which we write and the areas which we cover.

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