Will iPhone SE be as popular as Apple Thinks?

According to BGR.com, ’It’s no secret that iPhone sales in 2016 are slated to decline for the first time in history, primarily due to an anticipated sales shortfall during the current March quarter. Hardly a projection championed only by analysts, even Apple CEO Tim Cook conceded that a drop-off in iPhone sales was to be expected. “We do think iPhone units will decline in the quarter,” Cook said during the company’s January earnings conference call. “We don’t think that they will decline to the levels you’ll talk about. We aren’t going to project beyond the upcoming quarter.”

Why iPhone SE May Not Boost Sluggish Sale of iOS Devices?

Price: Apple has developed iPhone SE by targeting emerging and cost-sensitive markets like India. But it has priced the device at a much higher rate. The high price-tag of iPhone SE will make it unaffordable for a large number of users living in emerging markets. In certain emerging markets, no gap exists between the prices of iPhone SE and iPhone 6S. Also, the users living in cost-sensitive markets have option to choose from a wide range of Android devices that offer a number of advanced features but cost less.

Smaller Screen Size: Despite offering several features of iPhone 6, iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen size. The smaller screen size make the device fill the gap in Apple smartphone lineup. Also, the 4-inch screen makes the device handier. But a large percentage of users living in emerging markets prefer phablets to smartphones and tablets. The users also have option to choose from a wide range of Android-based phablets in the price bracket of iPhone SE.

Lacks 3D Touch Technology: Apple promoted iPhone SE as the “the most powerful 4‑inch phone ever.” But the latest version of iPhone still lacks several key features provided by iPhone 6 and 6S. As noted earlier, iPhone SE does not support 3D touch technologies. Many analysts believe that Apple designed 3D technology specifically for devices with larger screen sizes. The absence of 3D technology will not allow users to avail content previews, quick actions and similar useful gestures. Also, it will have an adverse impact on the popularity of the new version of iPhone.

Limited Storage Space:  The users have option to choose from 16-GB and 64-GB editions of iPhone SE. But many people living in cost-sensitive markets will opt for the 16-GB model to save money. While using the 16 GB model of iPhone SE, users will be able to use about 12 GB of storage space. The available storage space is not adequate to accommodate 4K videos, Live Photo and other features provided by the device. Hence, the users will not be able to avail these advanced features while taking photos and recording videos.

Looks just like iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S: The latest version of iPhone includes several key features of iPhone 6 and 6S. But it looks just like older models of the devices including iPhone 5S. So many users will not opt for iPhone SE due to its conventional look and style. However, the users can opt for the rose gold color to distinguish their new Apple device from iPhone 5S.

Flaws in iOS 9.3: The latest version of iPhone is running on iOS 9.3. Within a short amount of time, many websites have highlighted experience of iOS 9.3. Apple recently released a statement to confirm the iOS 9 crashing bugs. Also, the company has promised to release a fix for the bugs in near future. But the bugs and defects found in iOS 9.3 will affect the popularity of iPhone SE in the shorter run.

According to a recent report, Apple is planning to reduce production of iPhone SE in the quarter ending June due to sluggish sales. Hence, the company will stop promoting and shipping the latest model of iPhone aggressively. The reduced production will definitely affect the popularity and market share of iPhone SE in the shorter run.

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