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Top 12 Web Development Apps for Android Devices

The statistics posted on various website depict that Android currently has the largest installation base.  The statistics further indicate that a large percentage of people use their Android smartphones, tablets and phablets for both personal and professional purposes. Many professionals even take advantage of specialized Android apps to accomplish a variety of professional tasks efficiently and quickly. Each professional also has option to choose from many free and paid web development apps for Android according to his specific needs.

Like other professionals, web application developers also have option to choose from a variety of Android apps according to their specific needs. These web development apps do not provide an alternative development platform to developers. Also, the developers cannot use the web development apps for Android device to build website without using a desktop/laptop computer and relevant development tools. But these apps make it easier for users to accomplish common tasks related to web application development. Likewise, these Android web development apps further make users more efficient and productivity.

12 Popular Web Development Apps for Android:

1) HTML Editor Lite

The web developers can use the lightweight Android app as a source code editor for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. In addition to supporting multiple text encodings, HTML Editor Lite provides HTML editor, JavaScript editor, CSS editor, PHP editor and test editor. It further comes with useful features like code completion and syntax highlighting, while supporting built-in virtual keys for tags and popular key phrases. It allows users to avail built-in help for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hence, the developers can use HTML Editor Lite to edit and improve the code written in these widely used web technologies.

2)  View Web Source

The smart web developers always keep track of the emerging trends in web application designing and development. They further browser through various websites to gather new web designing ideas and concepts. As its name indicates, View Web Source enables developers to view the source code of any website. It further allows users to search for text, select specific text, and copy and paste HTML code. The developers also have option to download the source code of a website simply by entering its URL and the click on the Download Source button.

3) Responsive Design Calculator

Many web developers nowadays adopt responsive web design to make the website accessible and look good on both computers and mobile devices. Hence, they are required to enlarge, shrink, resize, hide or move website content through HTML and CSS. Also, they have to define each website component as percentage to make them look good on each device. Responsive Design Calculator makes it easier for web designed to convert pixels into percentages. After calculating the width of a child element in terms of pixels, the app can be used to convert the width of the child element as percentages.

4) KWS – Android Web Server

The lightweight web server for Android devices allows users to host websites and serve files over HTTP. The web developers can use kWS to demonstrate and test web applications developed with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. They can further avail a number of robust features provided by kWS including server side includes (SSI), up to 20 parallel connections, built-in dynamic DNS updates and comprehensive HTTP logs. The users can further access the web server securely by implementing both basic and digest authentications. Also, they can avail several advanced features by upgrading to the pro version of kWS.

5) Mobile MySQL Manager

The feature-rich app enables web developers to access and manage their MySQL databases remotely by using their Android devices. Mobile MySQL Manager allows web programmers to create/rename/drop databases and create/drop/rename/truncate tables. Also, a user can use the app to make changes to the table structure and table data, execute custom SQL queries and store login credentials. At the same time, Mobile MySQL Manager also provides a fast and simple interface, along with stable connection protocols.

6) Fontest

Nowadays, web developers experiment with many fonts and typography to make the website look different. Hence, they need typography tools to assess the look of the website with specific typography. As a robust typography tool, Fontest makes it easier for web developers to assess the look and feel of the website by using a variety of fonts. In addition to supporting six high quality fonts, Fontest further allows developers to add custom TTF and OTF fonts. Also, it enables users to resize the font, switch between uppercase and lowercase, and customize display test without putting extra effort.

7) PHP Editor

The usage statistics posted in various websites indicate the massive popularity of PHP as a server-side programming language. But the web developers often explore ways to enhance the quality and reusability of PHP code. The developers can use the PHP Editor app to assess functions, methods, variables and constants. The Android app further supports search and replace and auto-completion of code. However, the application is yet to support the most recent version of the server-side programming language – PHP 7.0.0.

8) CSS Editor

As its name indicates, the application is designed as a simple CSS editor for Android devices. CSS Editor makes it easier for web developers to evaluate the CSS code by applying color to syntax nodes. It further differentiates nodes, attributes, events and properties by applying different colors, while supporting search and replace, and auto-completion of code. The users also have option to open any file with .css extension by default, and edit the code by using the free Android application.

9) JS Run

The simple JavaScript editor for Android devices allows web developers to write, test and run small programs. JS Run further enables users to save, share and reuse the JavaScript code without any hassle. They can further avail a number of useful features provided by JS Run including syntax highlight, auto close brackets and quotes, and auto tabs. They also have option to use JS Run just like a chrome console to get fast results and avail additional features.

10) HTML5 Cheat Sheet

HTML5, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, makes it easier for web developers to create responsive and mobile-friendly websites. The developers can further use the new semantic features and elements of HTML5 to add functionalities to the website without writing additional code and using third-party plug-ins. But often developers need assistance to use the new HTML5 elements efficiently. The free Android app helps web developers to learn and use new HTML5 elements without putting any extra effort. They can simply refer to HTML5 Cheat Sheet to learn all aspects of a new HTML5 element.

11) SimDif Website Builder for Android

The app enables developers to build websites and maintain websites efficiently by using their Android devices. A user can further use SimDif to create website despite having no proficiency in commonly used web technologies. Each user also has option to choose from the free and premium versions of SimDif. SimDif further allows users to switch between Android devices, iOS devices and computers smoothly while building the website. Likewise, it provides built-in tips and advice to help users optimize the website for end users and search engines.

12) WordPress for Android

As the most popular content management system, WordPress does not require an elaborate introduction. At present, a large percentage of websites are running on different versions of WordPress. Hence, many web developers use WordPress app for Android to manage and monitor their websites efficiently and remotely. A user can use WordPress app to write, edit and publish posts directly from his Android device. Also, he can check various statistics to assess the real impact of the latest blog or track website visitors.

On the whole, each web application designer or developer has option to choose from several web development apps for Android. But a single web development app for Android may not meet all needs of the user. Hence, the web developers need to combine multiple Android web development applications to meet all their needs, and become more productive.

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