The iOS 9 features which are already available in Android

The iOS 9 Features which are Already Available in Android

Apple showcased iOS 9 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event in June. It is common knowledge that the beta preview versions of iOS 9 released by Apple help users and developers to form an idea about its key and noteworthy features. Despite coming with several new features and design changes, iOS 9 still has a number of features that are already available on Android devices. So the Android users can now put their solid claim that they were already availing the features much before Apple upgrades its mobile operating system.

Some iOS 9 Features already Available on Android Devices

Apple Maps: The redesigned Apple Maps borrows a number of features from Google Maps. For instance, the live traffic reports feature added to the Apple Maps was already available to Android users through Google Maps. Apple has also included the new transit view feature in its Map to provide users with information related to public transportation. Google Maps already has the feature to provide public transportation to the users. However, Apple implements these borrowed features in a different way.

Siri: Apple has made Siri more proactive to beat Google Now. The enhanced Siri can now answer several questions right away. It can initiate web search based on the inquiries made by users. Also, it can take appropriate action by sensing the context within the app accurately. But Google Now already has these features. Android Marshmallow further includes an optmied Google Now that users can access simply by tapping on a button.

Voice Search: IOS 9 will allow users to initiate voice search within Spotlight (renamed as Search). So the users can now initiate web searches directly using their voice without relying on Siri. But Google has already integrated the voice search option in Android operating system as well as popular apps like YouTube and Chrome.

Keyboard Shortcuts: While using iOS 9, users can now use a redesigned Quicktype keyboard. The keyboard is designed with a new tool bar that will display shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, text formatting, and adding photos or files. Android does not come with a built-in keyboard with similar features. But the Android users have option to choose from several skins and third-party keyboards with similar keyboard shortcuts.

Low Power Mode: IOS 9 will also comes with low power mode feature to extend the battery life of a device significantly. The feature controls various activities to extend the device’s battery life. For instance, it can reduce network activities and brightness, along with disabling certain processes, background app refreshes, and animated wallpapers. But Android already has similar features to extend the battery life of various devices.

Multitasking and Split View: Apple has also announced the Split View feature for iPad Air 2. The feature will enable users to run two apps side by side by splitting the screen. They can even work on both apps simultaneously. But Android users already have option to split the screen of high-end LG and Samsung tablets and run apps side by side. However, the feature is currently supported only by selected Android apps.

News App: Apple has already announced its decision to kill the Newsstand App. The app enabled users to aggregate digital magazines. IOS 9 will come with a redesigned News App that will replace the Newsstand App, and deliver personalized content from multiple publishers. But the Google Newsstand App available at the Play Store already offers similar functionality. Some device manufactures like HTC and Samsung further deliver personalized content to users by integrating new feed into the home screen of their Android devices.

Picture in Picture: Apple has also designed iOS 9 with a new feature called Picture in Picture. The feature allows users to run videos on a small screen while working with other apps. They can scale down the video simply by clicking on the home button. The video will still run in a corner of the display without affecting other apps. Samsung has already introduced a similar feature Galaxy series of tablets and phablets before some years. So the Android users already have option to run videos on a small screen while working with other applications.

However, iOS 9 still comes with several new functionality, design changes, and enhanced multitasking features. This will ensure iOS app developers have work throughout the year. It is possible that Apple has copied features from Android to eliminate differences between the two popular mobile operating systems. As iOS 9 will be available to several iPhone and iPad models along with iPod touch (fifth generation), it becomes easier for users to take advantage of several functions that was earlier available only on Android devices.

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