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Should Small Businesses use Instagram for Marketing

Should Small Businesses use Instagram for Marketing?

Abhijit Panda February 20, 2018

Since its initial launch in 2010, Instagram has been used regularly by millions of users across the world for sharing […]

Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing Best Practices

Ellora Sarkar December 15, 2015

The latest versions of iOS and Android have made it easier for users to assess the performance of individual mobile […]

mobile app development

A Glimpse of Latest Mobile App Development Trends

Abhijit Panda November 27, 2015

While creating mobile apps, developers nowadays have to target many mobile devices and platforms. So the emergence of new mobile […]

The Changing Face of Mobile Apps

The Changing Face of Mobile Apps

Abhijit Panda October 09, 2015

Latest statistics shows that users now have option to choose from 1.6 million apps available at Google Play Store and […]

It’s All About Apps Now: Mobile Web Is Dead

Abhijit Panda August 05, 2015

A number of reports have highlighted that the number of people accessing internet on their mobile devices is increasing steadily. […]

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