Mobile App Development

Effect of Smart Phone Usage on Mobile App Development Strategy

How will the change in smartphone usage affect mobile app development strategy?

Abhijit Panda October 30, 2017

The worldwide smartphone sale has been on the rise, whereas PC sales continue to decline. A large percentage of modern […]

Low-Code App Development Platforms

Some Important Low-Code Mobile App Development Platforms

Abhijit Panda October 11, 2017

While developing a mobile app, the programmers have to pick programming language according to the targeted mobile platform. They have […]

Hybrid vs Native Mobile Apps Who wins

Hybrid vs. Native Mobile Apps: Who wins?

Abhijit Panda August 12, 2016

HTML5, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, enables developers to build cross-platform mobile apps rapidly. The developers can further write the […]

Significance of Apple Pay for iOS App Developers

Mukesh Pandian April 05, 2016

In September 2014, Apple announced its own mobile payment and digital wallet service. The company has already launched Apple Pay […]

Cortana vs. Siri. A comparison

Abhijit Panda March 31, 2016

Within a short span of time, smart virtual personal assistants have become an integral part of mobile platforms and apps. […]

Swift 2 Feature Enhancements for iOS App Developers

Mukesh Pandian March 01, 2016

In June 2014, Apple announced a new programming language called Swift which would replace Objective-C as the default programming language […]

mobile app development

Mobile Wallets. What do App Developers Need to Know?

Abhijit Panda February 17, 2016

According to, “A new study from Juniper Research has found that the number of mobile wallets using contactless technology […]

Cross Platform development

Native App Development vs. Cross Platform App Development

Abhijit Panda February 12, 2016

While developing a mobile app, each business has option to target either a single mobile platform or multiple mobile platforms. […]

iOS development

Should We Use Swift or Objective-C to learn iOS Development?

Mukesh Pandian February 09, 2016

Apple introduced Swift in 2014 as a modern, safe, interactive, and fast programming language for iOS, OS X and WatchOS. […]

iPhone development

iPhone 7 Rumours: What might be in Store?

Mukesh Pandian February 03, 2016

Apple launched several new products and services in 2015. In addition to revamping Apple TV, the company also launched iPad […]

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