Mobile app developer

Rapid Cross-OS Mobile App Development: Lessons Learned

Ellora Sarkar May 17, 2016

At present, Android has a much larger worldwide market share than iOS and Windows Phone. But a number of studies […]

Cortana vs. Siri. A comparison

Abhijit Panda March 31, 2016

Within a short span of time, smart virtual personal assistants have become an integral part of mobile platforms and apps. […]

Cross Platform development

Native App Development vs. Cross Platform App Development

Abhijit Panda February 12, 2016

While developing a mobile app, each business has option to target either a single mobile platform or multiple mobile platforms. […]

Mobile app development

Do You Have a Mobile App for Your Business Yet?

Ellora Sarkar December 21, 2015

In the modern world, enterprises can be divided broadly into two categories, i.e., those who have already launched mobile apps […]

Building Enterprise Mobile Apps with Azure

Abhijit Panda December 07, 2015

Microsoft has designed Azure App Service with features to make it easier for developers to create and manage web, mobile, […]

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