iOS development

Significance of Apple Pay for iOS App Developers

Mukesh Pandian April 05, 2016

In September 2014, Apple announced its own mobile payment and digital wallet service. The company has already launched Apple Pay […]

Swift 2 Feature Enhancements for iOS App Developers

Mukesh Pandian March 01, 2016

In June 2014, Apple announced a new programming language called Swift which would replace Objective-C as the default programming language […]

iOS development

Should We Use Swift or Objective-C to learn iOS Development?

Mukesh Pandian February 09, 2016

Apple introduced Swift in 2014 as a modern, safe, interactive, and fast programming language for iOS, OS X and WatchOS. […]

Common Mistakes Made by iOS App Developers

10 Common Mistakes an iOS App Developers Makes

Mukesh Pandian July 22, 2015

With 78% share Android dominated the global mobile operating system market in the first quarter of 2015. But iOS is […]

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