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Best iOS apps for learning how to code

Best iOS Apps for Learning How to Code

Mukesh Pandian April 24, 2018

Several studies suggest that users nowadays spend a large percentage of their digital media time on mobile apps. Many consumers […]

Cortana vs Siri

Cortana vs Siri. Difference Between Siri And Cortana

Abhijit Panda March 31, 2016

Within a short span of time, smart virtual personal assistants have become an integral part of mobile platforms and apps. […]

The iOS 9 features which are already available in Android

The iOS 9 Features which are Already Available in Android

Mukesh Pandian October 26, 2015

Apple showcased iOS 9 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event in June. It is common knowledge that the beta […]

Does It Make Sense to Shift to Swift from Objective-C for an iOS App Developer?

Mukesh Pandian August 19, 2015

In June 2014, Apple announced a new programming language called Swift for iOS, OS X and watchOS application development. In […]

The Evolution of an iOS Developer over the Years

Mukesh Pandian August 10, 2015

Despite having a lower global market share than Android, iOS is hugely popular among mobile app developers and marketers. As […]

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