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Kotlin For Android App Development

Kotlin For Android App Development

Chandra Brijesh November 14, 2017

Each programmer can write Android Apps in a number of programming languages. He can use Android Native Development Kit (NDK) […]

What is Android O?

What is Android O?

Chandra Brijesh October 25, 2017

At its I/O 2017 Developers Conference, Google announced the upcoming version of its hugely popular mobile operating system – Android […]

What should App Developers Learn about Android Wearables

What should App Developers Learn about Android Wearables?

Chandra Brijesh October 11, 2017

At present, Android has a much larger market share than iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Many analysts believe that the […]

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Some Important Low-Code Mobile App
Development Platforms

Abhijit Panda     October 11, 2017

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Small Business App Development

How Small Businesses can Tackle App Development Challenges

Abhijit Panda December 08, 2017

Several studies show users spending over 50% digital media time on mobile apps. The small enterprises can use mobile apps […]

Small Business Marketing Automation

Should Small Businesses Adopt Marketing Automation Services?

Abhijit Panda December 01, 2017

A small business can use its website or mobile app as a powerful tool to connect and communicate with more […]

Smart TV App Development

Should Businesses be serious about Smart TV App Development?

Arun Kumar November 28, 2017

Several studies suggest a steady increase in the worldwide sales of smart TVs. Likewise, a gradual increase also being noted […]

What is Near Field Communication

What is Near Field Communication?

Abhijit Panda November 21, 2017

As a set of standards, Near Field Communication (NFC) enables short range communication between compatible portable devices. The NFC standard […]