Best iOS apps for learning how to code

Best iOS Apps for Learning How to Code

Several studies suggest that users nowadays spend a large percentage of their digital media time on mobile apps. Many consumers use mobile app to perform pre-purchase research and mobile commerce transactions. Likewise, users also use mobile apps to access information and perform a variety of tasks. The iPhone and iPad users have option to choose from over 2.2 million apps available in the Apple App Store. Some of these apps help beginners to learn new technologies and how to code. Many developers take advantage of iOS apps for learning how to code, write high quality code, and implement coding best practices at their own pace and convenience.

Overview of Seven Popular iOS Apps for Learning How to Code

1) Udacity

The iOS app launched by the leading online course provider Udacity enables beginners to acquire on-demand programming skills on the go. A user can use the Udacity app to access course material developed by leading experts, stay connected with mentors, and monitor his progress. He even has option to learn how to code in offline mode by downloading the relevant classes and course content. Udacity allows developers to choose from a wide range of courses – web application development, mobile app development, data science, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. Udacity has been updating the iOS app regularly to accelerate personalized learning and provide new courses.

2) Encode: Learn to Code

The education app developed by Upskew Pty. Ltd. enables users to learn widely used web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A beginner can use Encode to learn how to write web pages with HTML and CSS. The app further accelerates personalized learning through bit-sized lessons, real code examples, and interactive coding challenges. The app further aims to make beginners learn how to write web application, without any prior coding experience.

3) Khan Academy

The iOS app aims to make world-class education accessible to all. A user can install the Khan Academy app on his iPhone or iPad to learn several technologies and programming without incurring additional expenses. He can further learn new programming languages through videos, explanations, and interactive exercises. The redesigned navigation and search features provided by the app further help the programmers to find relevant courses quickly. At the same time, the learner even has option to access the course material offline, bookmark the content, and synchronize the app with

4) Mimo: Learn to code on the go

As its name indicates, the iOS app enables beginners to write code, build applications, and automate development tasks on the go. A beginner can use Mimo to learn how to write applications in C++, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Swift. Also, the app helps the developers to create web applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL. In addition to learning programming basics, a beginner can also use Mimo to learn how to automate common web development tasks, and build web applications, mobile app, and games. Mimo further accelerate personalized learning through bit-size lessons, projects, and challenges.

5) Udemy Online Courses – Learn Anything, Anywhere

The iOS app aims to convert iPhone or iPad into virtual class rooms. Udemy app for iOS enables learners to choose from courses on over 1200 topics including Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, development, mobile app development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These courses are further taught the expert instructors. A learner can also choose from different levels of courses – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – according to his skill and expertise. Udemy even allows users to access the course material offline and listen to the courses in audio-only mode, while learning how to code at his own pace.

6) Code School

The popular online learning platform allows iOS device users to choose from over hundreds of on-demand courses and project videos. The user even has option to download the content for offline viewing and learn on the go by streaming the online videos. The app tracks the progress of individual learners based on their profiles and report card. While accessing Code School on iPad, the users can revisit specific sections through the course slide viewer. A beginner can use Code School to learn web technologies, programming languages, databases, Git, and mobile app development.

7) Swifty

The app helps iOS app developers to learn how to write iOS apps in Swift programming language. Swifty helps programmers to learn various aspects of Swift – classes, structures, optionals, tuples, arrays, dictionaries, conditionals, functions, loops, strings, structures, closures and Boolean logic. A learner also has option to choose from three distinct levels of the course – basic, intermediate and advanced-level.  Swifty further boosts personalized user experience by combining bit-size lessons, projects and challenges.

On the whole, an iPhone or iPad user has option to choose from a wide range of learn-to-code apps. Some of these apps are free, whereas others are paid. The programmer even has option to choose from the free and paid editions of the same learn-to-code apps. Hence, a programmer must do some initial research to choose the right learn-to-code app that enables him to write high quality code without incurring additional expenses.

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