iOS 10 is here: What do iOS App Developers need to know?

On 13th June, Apple announced the version 10 of its mobile operating system at its Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC). The company promotes iOS 10 as “the biggest release ever of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. According to a statement made by Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, on this occasion, ““iOS 10 is our biggest release ever, with delightful new ways to express yourself in Messages, a native app for Home automation and beautifully redesigned apps for Music, Maps, and News that are more intuitive and more powerful, making everything you love about your iPhone and iPad even better.” Based on the iOS 10 previewed by Apple, both developers and mobile app developers can identity some of its new features and enhancements. Here some mobile app development trends

Overview of Prominent Features and Redesigns Included in iOS 10

Supported Devices

IOS 10 will be available as free software update for specific models of iPhone and iPad. The most recent version of iOS will be available for iPhone 5 and later. Likewise, it will also be available only for iPod touch 6th generation, iPad 4th generation, all models off iPad Air and iPad, and iPad mini 2 and later. As the updated version of Apple’s mobile operating system will not be available for older iPad models, many analysts and bloggers have stated that iOS 10 will make millions of iPads obsolete by not providing security updates and patches.

Option to Remove Certain Built-in Apps

The official version of iOS 10 will allow users to uninstall specific built-in mobile apps like calculator, calendar, compass, notes, news, music, maps, mail, iBooks and home. Once a user uninstalls the app, all user data will be removed from his device along with the app. However, the user still has option to restore and use the app in future without any hassle. The feature will make it easier for users to keep memory free by uninstalling the unnecessary and irrelevant stock apps.

Extensive Use of 3D Touch

Unlike its predecessor, iOS 10 aims to make 3D touch an integral part of user experience. The users now have option to take advantage of 3D touch to perform a variety of tasks without unlocking the home screen. For instance, they can unlock the camera quickly simply by clicking on the right side of the screen. Likewise, they can click on the left side of the screen to access commonly used widgets like recent news. At the same time, iOS 10 will enable users to access and operate various third-party apps with 3D touch.

Raise to Wake

The new Raise to Wake feature included in iOS 10 will enable users to access required information in a quicker and more convenient way. Each time a user raises his iPhone or iPad, the feature wake the screen automatically. Further, the feature will allow users to view the notifications and messages directly without unlocking the device. The device can further take advantage of extended 3D touch to interact with various apps from the lock screen on specific devices like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Developers can Access Siri

While developing iOS apps, developers were looking for option to boost user experience by manipulating Siri. The updated version of Apple’s mobile operating system will make Siri available to developers. Hence, programmers will use Siri to enable users to interact with their iOS apps through voice commands. Likewise, they can take advantage of the Siri intelligence to make the app deliver more contextualized information to users based on their location, calendar and contacts. The programmers can further use the SiriKit provided by Apple to build apps that work seamlessly with Siri.

Making Apple Maps available to Developers

Like Siri, Apple Maps is also now available to iOS app developers. In addition to looking simpler and cleaner, the redesigned Maps app included in iOS 10 further delivers proactive elements to users. The Maps app also delivers contextualized destination information to users based on their calendar appointments and workplace location, along with providing information about traffic and suggesting alternative routes. As Apple has made Maps available to developers, they can easily manipulate the new features to make iOS apps deliver more relevant and contextual information to each user. Also, they can create apps that help businesses to provide personalized services based on the redesigned Maps app.

Expressive and Personalized Messages

IOS 10 will enable users to create and send more personalized and expressive message by using the redesigned Messages app. The redesigned Messages app comes with balloons, confetti, fireworks and other animations. It further allows users to celebrate special occasions by sending messages that take over the entire screen. Likewise, a user can use invisible ink to create messages that the recipient can see only after swiping over them. At the same time, the redesigned app allows users to personalize message by embedding handwritten notes and availing several personalization options. The iOS app developers can take advantage of these features to make users communicate more efficiently in a thread.

Simple and Secure Home Automation

The version 10 of iOS aims to make home automation simple and secure through the designed Home app. The redesigned Home app will enable users to set up, control and manage various accessories with a single command. The users also have option to manage the accessories individually or group them into scenes. They can further manage the accessories efficiently with Siri or Apple TV. Apple is also collaborating with leading home builder to enable developers to boost the usage and adoption of HomeKit. The developers can take advantage of HomeKit to create iOS apps for controlling and managing lights, door locks, thermostats, window shades, video cameras and other accessories remotely.

A Number of Redesigned Apps

IOS 10 further comes with a number of improved and redesigned apps. The redesigned Apple Music app makes it easier for users to navigate and discover new music by featuring a new structure and search tab. Likewise, the redesigned Apple News app comes with new features to organize the content into relevant sections, and make it easier for users receive breaking news notifications, find relevant stories, and accessing paid subscriptions. The users also have option to access the updated version of popular iOS apps like Safari and Notes. They can take advantage of split view feature while accessing Safari on specific models of iPhone.

QuickType Suggestions

IOS 10 will help users to share information with their friends without typing additional words. The QuickType suggestions provided by the redesigned keyboard will enable users to share a variety of information like their current location in a quicker and simpler way. For instance, a user can convey his current location more exactly based on the GPS data. The keyboard will enable him to obtain information by clicking on the most appropriate options. Also, iOS 10 will allow users to type in two languages simultaneously without switching from one keyboard to another frequently.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Apple has further designed iOS 10 with an array of advanced security and privacy features. The updated version of iOS uses end-to-end encryption on FaceTime, HomeKit and iMessage to keep all user data unreadable and inaccessible. IOS 10 takes advantage of on-device intelligence to deliver personalized experience to users by identifying people, object and scenes. But the mobile operating system does not build user profiles based on their personal data. It further uses Differential Privacy to understand usage pattern of various users without affecting their individual privacy adversely.

However, Apple will release iOS 10 officially only in fall. Also, the company will make beta versions of iOS 10 available to users and app developers in July. The developers still have option to download the developer preview version of iOS 10 to gather additional information about its new features and redesigns.

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