How is your iOS 9 Experience compared to iOS 8?

While announcing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple claimed the fastest adoption rate for iOS 9. According to Apple, over 50% devices are using the most recent version of iOS only five days after is official release. The figure indicates that a large percentage of users have already switched to iOS 9 from iOS 8 within a shorter amount of time. Based on the information posted on various websites, one can easily compare the iOS 8 and iOS 9 experience of users. The new features and performance enhancements included in the most recent version of iOS make the user experience superior without sacrificing privacy and security.

10 Features that Make iOS 9 Experience Superior to iOS 8 Experience

1) Siri: Apple claims that the Siri included in iOS 9 is 40% more powerful and 40% faster than its earlier versions. Apple has redesigned its virtual assistance to make it compete with Google Now. It has also included a number of new features in Siri to make it proactive and contextually aware. As Siri is integrated more deeply into iOS 9, it can now understand the habits of users more accurately. However, it will still work according to the user’s preferences and lifestyle. The users can now use the improved Siri to accomplish common tasks through voice commands.

2) Search: Siri further enhances search experience in iOS 9. Apple has further revamped Spotlight Search to deliver more relevant and elaborate information to searchers. The Spotlight Search can now populate a search results screen based on the local news, nearby amenities, frequently-opened apps, and top contacts. The new search abilities and better voice recognition included in Siri, at the same time, now enables users to initiate more contextual searches, while find videos and photos by giving simple voice commands.

3) Battery Life: While using iOS 9, the users now have option to run their devices in low power mode. Once the low power mode is enabled, the screen brightness will drop drastically. Also, the frequency of message and notification downloads will increase significantly. The new features aims to make the device work few extra hours by making the device dumber for a temporary period. The new feature enables users to access their devices on busy working days and while travelling without looking for options to recharge their batteries. However, the feature is currently available only for iPhone.

4) Keyboard: Despite being popular, the virtual keyboards included in iOS lacked a critical feature. While using the virtual keyboards, users were finding it difficult to know if the caps lock was on. The redesigned virtual keyboard included in iOS 9 makes it easier for users to check if the caps lock is on. It further enables users to type messages at a much faster pace in both small and capital letters. The updated keyboard will enable beginners to compose mails and write messages without any hassle.

5) Multitasking: The new multitasking feature is available only for iPad Air and iPad Mini 2. While using their tablets, users can avail the multitasking features to run and access two apps simultaneously. They can choose from three distinct multitasking options based on the mode of their iPad. The users can choose slide over option to check the second app while accessing the first app. The split over option allows them to run two apps simultaneously by splitting the screen. Likewise, they can avail the picture-in-picture option to watch videos while accessing normal apps. The new multitasking features make iOS 9 experiences better and richer for iPad users.

6) 3D Touch: While using iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus, the users can now interact with their devices through multi-touch gestures like tap, swipe and pinch. The users also have option to avail two new 3D gestures called peek and pop. The 3D gestures allow them to preview the content before accessing and reading them. For instance, peek enables them to peek at the emails in their inbox simply by lightly touching it. They can further press a little harder on the mail to pop into it. Likewise, they can use the gestures to peek at various website links before opening the website in Safari.

7) Ad-blockers: The massive popularity of mobile apps encourages many businesses and advertisers to promote their products more aggressively. They often try to delivers ads through video autoplay, automatic app store redirections, and large-size ad displays. Apple understood the negative impact of aggressive advertisement on user experience, and included the new ad-blockers options in iOS 9. The users now have option to install ad-blocker provided by third-party developers to access websites without being affected by ads delivered by various businesses.

8) Photography: Apple has not made any significant changes to the Camera and Photo apps. But it has included a number of enhancements in iOS 9 to make the photographers more productive. While organizing their images in the Photo app, users can now avail new built-in albums for selfies and screenshots. The users of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can now take live photographs using the circle icon appearing on the Camera app. The users can further use Siri to quickly find a particular photo or a set of photos. They can even install the iCloud Drive additionally to access and organize their photos from any device. They also have option to use the updated Notes app to insert photos into a note directly.

9) Redesigned Built-in Apps : After upgrading to iOS 9, users can access a redesigned interface. Apple has further renamed or designed some of the popular built-in apps to boost user experience. In addition to renaming Passbook app as Wallet, Apple now allows users to store debit card and credit card information, coupons, boarding passes and reward cards inside it. Likewise, Apple has redesigned the Maps app to enable users to gather information about available modes of transportation and traffic condition. The redesigned News app now allows users to access content from various publications in an easy-to-read format. The redesigned apps contribute immensely towards making iOS 9 experiences better.

10) Security and Enterprise Features: Many users consider iOS 8 to be more enterprise-friendly than the earlier versions. It came with several useful features and tools for both administrators and users. IOS 9 now enables users to get notification for important emails while disabling general email notifications. The users can simply prepare a list of VIP contacts, and get notifications for message sent by any VIP contact. At the same time, iOS 9 further makes business communications more secure by implementing stronger six-digit passcode, and two-factor authentication. The new security features will prevent the emails from being accessible from new devices.

Apple made iOS 9 available for both existing and new devices. The new devices only can take advantage of some of the more innovative features like 3D touch and multitasking. So the iOS 9 experience will differ from one device to another. But the users can still avail a number of new features without exchanging their existing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

5 responses to “How is your iOS 9 Experience compared to iOS 8?”

  1. I’m still running iOS 7.1 on my iPad 3. I believe it was at its best on iOS 6, but back then I was too naive to think that a software update would make my tablet worse. The main issue being the battery drain. So I’ve ignored all updates and checked updates after each new release and every time my conclusion has been to stick with 7.

  2. I appreciate the in-depth review. I am still on the latest iOS 6 on my 16 GB iPad Mini and refuse to update it to anything newer. I am happy as a clam and 90% of apps I would want are very much compatible and rarely if ever crash. The load times for Safari, Mail, etc. are so horrific for iOS 8 and to be worse on iOS 9 is just a punch in the gut for those of you who have made the update already.

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