Importance Of Mobile Strategy in eCommerce Application Development

How important is Mobile Strategy in eCommerce Application Development?

A number of recent surveys have highlighted that the number of people accessing eCommerce websites on their mobile devices is increasing gradually and steadily. Likewise, a steady increase is also being noted in the volume of mobile commerce transactions. So it has become essential for businesses to build eCommerce applications by targeting different models of smartphones, tablets and phablets. A business can further reap a number of benefits in the longer run by having a proper mobile strategy in eCommerce application development phase.

Why a Mobile Strategy is Essential in eCommerce Application Development

Attract and Engage Customers:

A large percentage of people nowadays make a purchase only if the eCommerce website is accessible on their mobile devices. So you can no longer get more visitors and achieve higher conversion rate by building web stores by targeting desktop web browsers. While planning the eCommerce application, you must adopt responsive web design to make it deliver quality user experience across a variety of devices. Likewise, you need to use open technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to make the web store accessible on both desktop browsers and mobile browsers.

Get More Search Engine Traffic:

Along with building a quality eCommerce application, you also need to explore ways to make it popular. You can always get more website traffic and higher conversion rate by promoting the web store on popular search engines. Google has already updated its search algorithm to improve the ranking of mobile-friendly websites. So you can always optimize the eCommerce website for mobile devices to increase its search engine ranking. The higher search engine ranking will help the web store to get more and regular traffic through Google.

Take Advantage of Mobile Wallets:

The mobile wallets have made it easier for customers to make payment in a more convenient and secure way. As the payment systems generate a virtual number for user’s card, the original debit or credit card number remains unexposed. At the same time, people also love to use their mobile devices as a payment mechanism. So you can always make the online shopping experience of customers more pleasant by allowing them to use mobile wallets. Once the eCommerce website is optimized for mobile devices, it will become easier for customers to buy products/services and make payment directly from their smartphones or tablets.

Offer Attractive Deals and Discounts:

The mobile-friendly eCommerce application will help you to create multiple channels of sale and information. You can use the web store as an efficient tool to keep the visitors engaged and convey information about the products/services. Also, you can seduce customers to buy the product/service instantaneously by offering attractive deals and discounts. Thus, the mobile-friendly eCommerce website will help you to keep the visitors engaged and convert them into customers.

Make Your eCommerce Application Deliver App-Like Experience:

The massive popularity of mobile apps have completely changes the way web applications are planned and developed. Many users nowadays expect websites to look, feel and function just like mobile apps. So you cannot meet the preferences and choices of modern customers simply by developing a web store for desktop browsers. To provide a good experience to your customer, your website should be mobile Ready. You have to customize and simplify the website’s look, feel and functionality to attract modern customers. While planning the eCommerce application, you have to keep in mind various aspects of popular mobile commerce apps.

Less Expensive than Mobile Apps:

The worldwide market share of individual mobile platforms differs. That is why; most businesses nowadays create mobile commerce apps by targeting multiple mobile operating systems. When you decide to build mobile commerce apps by targeting multiple platforms, you have to invest additional time, resources and funds. But you can always use responsive web design and use open web technologies to make the eCommerce website deliver quality user experience across many mobile devices and platforms. So you can always additional expenses by optimizing your web store for mobile devices.

Many businesses nowadays launch mobile commerce apps, along with optimizing eCommerce websites for mobile devices. The website owners can also include eCommerce personalization strategy to provide better experience to the customers. However, it is also important for an enterprise to assess the mobile-friendliness of its existing eCommerce application thoroughly, and incorporate the changes required to make it accessible on a wide variety of devices.

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