Exciting Features in iOS 11

Exciting Features in iOS 11 that every iOS App Developers Need to Know

Apple disappointed both users and bloggers by not unveiling the 10th anniversary edition of iPhone at its Worldwide Developer Conference 2017. But it unveiled iOS 11 which will power the upcoming editions of iPhone and iPad. Apple subsequently made public beta previews of iOS 11 available to developers. The upcoming version of iOS will come with several new features and enhancements.

iOS 11 brings augmented reality (AR) to millions of Apple devices through a framework – ARKit. Also, it comes with an updated version of Siri with the capability to translate sentences into multiple languages. It also borrows some of the features from Android – files manager. Here are 10 exciting features in iOS 11 which mobile app developers should keep a tab on.

Exciting Features in iOS 11 for Mobile App Developers

 1) ARKit

IOS 11 will come with a new augmented reality (AR) framework – ARKit. ARKit will bring augmented reality to millions of devices powered by iOS 11. At the same time, the framework will make it easier for developers to create AR apps that can access the sensor and cameras embedded in the iOS devices. In the initial phase, the AR apps yin App Store may not deliver richer user experience. But the framework will make it easier for iOS app developers to create innovative AR apps for Apple devices. Also, Apple is expected to keep updating ARKit regularly to accelerate augmented reality app development for its mobile platform.

2) Customizable Control Center

Apple has made several changes to Control Center. IOS 11 will enable users to access a customizable Control Center. The users do not have any option to change the default toggles. But they can customize the Control Center easily by adding extra toggles. The updated version of Control Center further supports 3D touch, and provides several new options. But the users must exercise caution while adding new toggles to keep the Control Center clean and searchable.

3) Smarter Siri

While using iOS 11, users can access an improved Siri with several new capabilities. The updated version of Siri will respond to both voice commands and text. The support for text will make it easier for users to search information more efficiently. Also, Siri will support multiple languages, and have the capability to translate a single sentence into multiple languages.

4) Updated Notes App

IOS 11 will come with an updated Notes App. Apple has added several new features and enhancements to the Notes app to make it usable like a word editor. In addition to supporting drag and drop functionality, the updated Notes app comes with a built-in scanner and markup tools. It further allows users accelerate data presentation by adding tables to notes. The users can even avail an array of features additionally while accessing the Notes App on their iPads.

5) Do Not Disturb while Driving

Many people nowadays use their mobile phones while driving. IOS 11 comes with a new feature to help drivers to avoid distractions while driving. A user can avail the new feature along with CarPlay. Once the feature is enables, the user will be prompted to active do not disturb mode while driving a car, taking a cab, and using public transportation. The iPhone or iPad will prompt a user to enable do not disturb mode whenever he starts moving at a faster pace. However, the user still has option to disable do not disturb if he is not driving.

6) Option to Drag and Drop Content

The version 11 of iOS will enable users to drag and drop content. The users will soon have option to drag and drop content insider a number of apps – Files, Photos and Notes. The drag and drop feature will enhance the usage of iPad. However, the users can enable drag and drop functionality on both iPhone and iPad.

7) Screenshots

IOS 11 allows users to capture high quality pictures and videos using filters. Also, it allows users to edit screenshots immediately after taking them. The option enables users to make changes to the screenshots before sharing them with others. They can further edit the screenshots quickly without using the Photos app.

8) Storage and File Management

The upcoming version of iOS will enable users to free up both memory and storage space. A user can boost the performance of his device by identifying the data cluttering the memory. Likewise, iOS 11 also makes it easier for the users to identify the rarely-used apps, delete old pictures/messages, and remove videos/attachments. The can even keep the storage space free by enabling auto-delete option. IOS 11 will automatically offload unused apps when there is inadequate storage space.

9) Screen Recording

It is one of those features of iOS 11 which were not mentioned by Apple at WWDC 2017. But certain users have already highlighted the option to enable screen recording. Once a user enables screen recording, he will be able to capture everything happening on his device screen in video formats. The feature will make it easier for professionals to capture various business activities concurrently without using any additional tool.

10) New Keyword Setting

The default keyboard provided by iOS 11 supports built-in one-handed mode. The built-in one-handed mode enables users to accomplish common tasks like without using both hands. Also, a user can active that one-handed typing mode in the setting to perform multiple tasks seamlessly. For instance, a user can simply enable one-handed typing mode to send text messages with one hand while holding a drink in the other.

Apple complements iOS 11 with a redesigned App Store. The redesigned App Store now keeps the games separated from other apps. Also, it makes it easier for users to find relevant app quickly and enjoy enhanced app discovery experience. At present, the users and developers have option to download iOS 11 beta 2 from Apple’s Developer Center. But they must remember that Apple is yet to roll out iOS 11 officially. Also, the first two beta releases of iOS 11 have several bugs. Apple is expected to roll out iOS 11 in September, while announcing the upcoming editions of iPhone and iPad. Recently, iPhone completed 10 years, lets look at the journey so far.

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