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Do You Have a Mobile App for Your Business Yet?

In the modern world, enterprises can be divided broadly into two categories, i.e., those who have already launched mobile apps and those who are yet to launch mobile apps. With more and more people accessing websites on their mobile devices, many businesses still explore ways to make their websites mobile-friendly. But a number of recent surveys have highlighted a steady decline in both desktop internet usage and mobile web browsing. So the businesses can no longer attract and engage customers simply by making their websites responsive or mobile-friendly. There are also a number of reasons why each enterprise must have a mobile app without any delay.

Why Mobile Apps Have Become Essential for Modern Businesses?

Decline in Desktop Internet Usage

In the initial years, many analysts predicted that mobile apps were mere fads whose popularity will decline after the initial hype. But according to a report posted on, “Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January. Apps made up 47% of Internet traffic and 8% of traffic came from mobile browsers, according to data from comScore.” The figure clearly reflects the massive popularity of mobile apps, along with a decline in desktop computing and mobile web. So the businesses must build mobile apps to meet the choices and preferences of modern people.

Decline in Mobile Web Usage

According to the five-year report released by Flurry, an average user spends 86% of his total time on mobile apps and only 14% of his total time on mobile web browsing. The report further indicated a gradual decline on the amount of time spend on mobile web from year to year. So the businesses can no longer attract and engage customers only through responsive web design or mobile-friendly websites. They must launch mobile apps to connect with both existing and prospective customers in a more effective manner.

Keep Customers Engaged

Many studies have highlighted how a business can generate more revenue and profits through customer engagement. A large percentage of modern people also love to stay connected with their service providers. The mobile apps make it easier for customers to connect with the business or service provider. A business can further include a messaging feature in the app to facilitate direct and fast communication with customers. The improved customer engagement will help the enterprise to get returns.

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

A large percentage of people nowadays indulge in mobile commerce transactions, and also use mobile wallets widely. A recent report says that Mobile commerce transactions will reach 200 Billion USD Mark by 2019. So a business can use the mobile app as a direct and efficient channel to promote and sell its products. It can use the app to provide detailed product information to customers through newsfeed, notifications, messages and search features. Likewise, it can further seduce customers to buy the products by offering attractive discounts and offers. The business can further include mobile-commerce features in the app to enables customers to buy the products quickly and directly.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Many enterprises have proved that mobile apps can be used effectively for enhancing brand awareness. A business has option to use its mobile app just like a billboard. It can use the app to provide both informative and promotional information to users. Further, it can frequently change the application’s look and feel to improve its user experience. When a customer frequently returns to the mobile app, there are better chances that he will buy the product/service.

Improve the Quality of Customer Service

The modern businesses have to explore ways to keep the customers engaged by providing better service and support. The mobile app will make it easier for businesses to stay connected with the customers, and provide them with more relevant and updated information. As modern people spend most of their time on mobile apps, they will love to use an application to gather information about the business or products. Likewise, they can communicate with the customer service executive through the app to resolve problems or avail support almost instantaneously.

However, users currently have option to choose from millions of mobile apps available in Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and Blackberry App World. So the entrepreneurs must explore ways to make their app’s look, feel, features, performance, and user experience distinct and better. At the same time, they also need to pick the right mobile app developer to deliver a mobile app according to their specific needs and objectives.

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