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Android TV and Its Impact on Mobile Industry

Google officially unveiled Android TV in June 2014 as a successor to its Google TV project. In the initial phase, the Android-based television was adopted by several hardware manufacturers including Sony, Phillips and Sharp. But Google recently announced a number of new hardware partners including Arcelik, TCL, RCA, Vestel, Hisense, and Bang & Olufsen. The new partnerships indicate Google’s plan to roll out Android TV in various regions.

At the same time, Google also added several new features and enhancements to boost Android TV’s user experience and popularity. The company incorporated the Google Cast protocol into speakers, amplifiers and other audio equipments. Also, it enabled users to create a multi-room experience by combining speakers and devices through Chromecast Audio. The latest initiatives takes by Google is expected to have a direct impact on the mobile industry.

Assessing Impact of Android TV on Mobile Industry

Brings Mobile Industry into Consumers’ Living Room

Google has designed Android TV with features to deliver mobile experience to the users’ living room. The users can use the device to access a variety of Android apps and games on a larger screen. Also, they can use the device as a conventional TV set to watch live sports and blockbuster movies. So the users now have option to access a TV set with features provided by smartphones and tablets.

More Focus on Watching

Google states that Android TV focuses on watching rather than browsing. The design philosophy makes Android TV from conventional TV sets available in the market. Instead of providing features to browse the web, the television set requires users to watch shows, videos and sports through popular apps. The users can watch the shows and videos on the home screen through popular apps like Netflix, YouTube and BBC iPlayer. These apps further provide personalized recommendation to users based on their recently accessed content.

Access Staple Google Features

Android TV further comes with a number of staple Google features. The users have option to operate the device through voice commands. Also, the home screen of Android TV looks just like card-based interface of mobile devices. The home screen displays has three distinct sections. The top section displays recommendations for users, the middle section displays the media apps, and the bottom section displays games. So the users can easily navigate from one section to another, and access the relevant content or app quickly.

Not an Alternative to Smartphone

Android TV is designed with several features provided by smartphones and tablets. But the device is not designed as an alternative to mobile devices powered by Android operating system. It also lacks some of the primary functionality of smartphones and tablets. For instance, the users cannot make or receive call through the television set. Also, the device cannot be used for accessing business data and sending/receiving emails.

Option to Access Specialized Apps

Google will encourage Android app developers to build apps especially for the Android-based television. At present, users have option to access YouTube creators, music and videos on the home screen of their Android TVs. In addition to accessing the existing Android apps and games on the TV screen, the users will have option to download Android TV applications from Google Play Store in near future.
Distinct Gaming Experience

Android TV enables users to play a variety of games on their home screen. They also have option to play the game with or without internet connectivity. Likewise, the users also have option to access both single-player and multi-player games on a larger screen. The feature will encourage many users to play their favourite games on Android TV instead devices with smaller screen size. They can further use game pads to play their favourite games with their friends.
Brings Multiple Devices into Google’s Ecosystem

Many analysts feel that Google is trying to bring multiple devices into its ecosystem through Android TV. The users now have option to access the same apps and games on their mobile devices and television set powered by Android operating system. At the same time, they can also sync compatible smartphones and tables with the television set. The compatibility is expected to build a strong connection between Android TV and mobile devices.

However, we must not forget that Android TV is completely different from the mobile devices powered by Android operating system. But it will enable users to stream apps, games and content to their living room. The users also have option to operate the TV set through voice commands and access their favourite apps with personal recommendation. So Android TV will deliver mobile experience to users in their living rooms and on a larger screen.

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