Android Business Apps that will be of Great Help in 2018

Often small business owners lack the resources required for developing custom enterprise apps. But they have option to choose from a variety of business mobile apps that help them to carry on business activities efficiently using smartphones, tablets or phablets powered by Android OS. Some of these apps enable them to access and update business data anytime and anywhere, where others make it easier for entrepreneurs to stay connected and interact with employees, vendors and customers 24 hours a day.

Overview of 10 Widely Used Business Apps on Android OS

1) Google Drive

Google Drive is more popular than other cloud-storage options available for Android OS. Like other cloud-storage options, Google Drive allows users to store a variety of files and documents in the cloud. Also, the app creates backup for the files stored by the user regularly, and allows them to access and update the files anytime and anywhere. But Google Drive, unlike other cloud-storage options, is directly integrated into the Android OS. Also, it allows users to use QuickOffice. The users can simply use their existing Google login credential to access all files stored in the Google Drive on any device.

2) Microsoft Remote Desktop
The free app enables entrepreneurs to access their work PC remotely from a smartphone or tablet powered by Android OS. They can use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect their work PC to the Android device in a secure and consistent way. Also, they have option to access and view the desktop versions of Microsoft Word or Excel files stored on their computers directly on the Android device. An entrepreneur must consider using Microsoft Remote Desktop app to access his work PC anywhere using his mobile device.

3) Microsoft Office for Tablets
Microsoft has launched full-featured version of Office for tablets powered by Android OS. The app includes commonly used Microsoft application like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also, the mobile version of these app look and function just like their desktop editions. But the Microsoft Office for Tablets allows entrepreneurs to access all functionality of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on a touch screen and with easy-to-tap buttons. They also have option to access the Word, Excel and PowerPoint files anywhere by integrating them with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud-storage platform.

4) Skype
As a widely used business communication tool, Skype needs no introduction. The mobile version of Skype enables entrepreneurs to interact with their employees, clients and vendors through video calls. They can further take advantage of the front-face facing camera included in their Android device to make voice calls efficiently. The flexible app further helps business owners to stay connected with others regardless of their device. The app is essential for business owners who run businesses in distributed environments.

5) Expensify
The Android app makes it easier for entrepreneurs to track their expenses during business trips. It allows users to connect their debit or credit cards to their Expensify account. The connection gets the charges placed directly on an expense report. At the same time, the user also has option to capture pictures of the receipts using their mobile camera. Expensify can interpret the image accurately, and extract all relevant information about expensed from the receipts. The user can subsequently prepare an expense report subsequently based on the data captured by Expensify. The entrepreneurs also have option to avail Expensify based on various plans.

6) Square
The app is designed with a debit or credit card reader that helps users to carry out business transactions in an efficient and hassle-free way. Square further makes it easier for entrepreneurs to run retail outlets, food trucks, beauty salons, and other business that involve only cash transactions. However, the entrepreneur will be charged for each swipe at a specific rate. The transaction fees will also be deducted by Square before the amount is transferred to the user’s account. But an entrepreneur also has option to use Square based on custom pricing.

7) KanbanFlow
Nowadays, most small businesses and start-ups operate in distributed environments and with remote employees. So often business owners find it daunting to plan the workflow and assign tasks to individual members of the team. As a web-based app, KanbanFlow makes it easier for entrepreneurs to plan the workflow, assign tasks to individual employees, and time-track these assigned tasks. They also have option to make changes to the board which will be visible to other users instantaneously. The entrepreneurs can use mobile version of the web app on their Android device to make the workflow more efficient and make deadlines with remote employees.

8) Slack
The native Android app enables business owners to effectuate team communication in the modern age and it also changing the face of Mobile apps. It allows users to organize all their team communications in individual open channels. They can even create private channels to save sensitive information in a secure way. Also, they can interact with each employee in a secure and private way by sending direct messages. In addition to facilitating team communication, Slack also allows users to share documents, spreadsheets, images and PDFs with others. The features of Slack makes it easier for business owners to stay connected with all his employees without using multiple tools or apps.

9) QuickBooks Online
The robust accounting tool for Android enables business owners to track and manage their finance in a more efficient way. However, the mobile version of QuickBooks app only complements its desktop application. The entrepreneurs can install QuickBooks app on their Android devices to track sales, send invoices, check overdue payment notifications, carry on transactions in multiple currencies, and review recent payments remotely.

10) Business Calendar
Many business owners switch from stock Google Calendar app to the Business Calendar app to avail a number of advanced features and options. The app is designed with several features to make the users more productive. For instance, it enables entrepreneurs to gather detailed information about appointments over multiple days simply by zooming in. Further, it conveys the free time for scheduling next meeting using colour-coded bars.

It is also important for app developers to understand some of the key aspects of Android operating system. However, the features and functionality of individual Android business apps differ. So an entrepreneur has to use multiple apps to accomplish different tasks. Also, each entrepreneur needs to pick the right Android business app according to his specific needs.

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  1. Hello Chandra,
    Great collection of business apps for Android platform. I’m using the Skype, Facebook Page Manager and Dropbox to organize and manage my small local business.
    Anyway, Thanks for nice sharing

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